Ketel One vs. Grey Goose Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Ketel One vs Grey Goose

Grey Goose and Ketel One are among the most popular vodkas people are willing to spend on, especially during special celebrations. But which one of the two is better? People have varying opinions about these expensive vodkas. Some would say Ketel One is better, less expensive but rates higher when it comes to taste. Others would … Read more

Dom Perignon vs. Veuve Clicquot Champagne: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard of Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot champagne before. They’re both similarly good champagne choices but their main difference lies in their taste. Dom Perignon is mostly known for the fresh acidity and minerality in its taste. Meanwhile, the Veuve Clicquot is revered more for its vibrant apple, citrus and grape flavors all mixing … Read more

Jack Daniel’s vs. Crown Royal Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

Jack Daniels vs. Crown Royal: What’s the Difference

Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal are well-known whiskey brands. It’s easy to think that they are the same, but they are quite different from each other. These are both made with the same ingredients. However, they differ in terms of proportions. Jack Daniel’s uses more corn while Crown royal contains more rye in it. They also slightly … Read more

Casamigos vs. Don Julio: What’s the Difference?

Casamigos vs. Don Julio

Casamigos and Don Julio are two of the most popular tequila brands you’ll find these days, each one with its distinct identity. While they differ in several aspects, the primary difference between these two types of tequila lies in their flavor. The Casamigos tequilas tend to have a smoother yet still highly flavorful taste, making them … Read more

Vodka Tonic vs. Vodka Soda: What’s the Difference?

Vodka Tonic vs. Vodka Soda: What’s the Difference?

Vodka tonic is a drink that consists primarily of tonic water and vodka. Most often, it is garnished with lemon or lime. Tonic is water that has quinine, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and corn syrup. On the other hand, Vodka soda is a drink that mainly consists of ⅓ vodka and ⅔ club soda. It … Read more

What Does Jagermeister Taste Like?

what does jagermeister taste like?

The taste of Jagermeister is closely associated with black licorice or anise. Many people also describe it to have a medicine-like flavor, given that it is made with a blend of herbs and it has a thick, syrupy consistency. If you are interested in learning more about what Jagermeister tastes like, then you have come to … Read more

Vodka vs. Gin Martini: What’s the Difference?

Vodka vs. Gin Martini

The difference between gin martini and vodka martini has been a topic of debate for years because no one seems to agree. Some people think that these two martinis are the same thing. However, a gin martini is very different from a vodka martini. While gin has a herbal taste, vodka is generally tasteless. This is … Read more

How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk?

How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk

Vodka is considered a hard liquor by many people worldwide because it has a slightly higher alcohol percentage than others. This means that you are more likely to feel drunk with fewer shots of it. On average, a single adult can start feeling tipsy after consuming 4 to 6 shots of vodka in a span … Read more

Sailor Jerry vs. Captain Morgan: What’s the Difference?

Sailor Jerry vs. Captain Morgan

Between Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan, which is the better-spiced rum, and what sets them apart from the other? For starters, the Captain Morgan Spiced rum has an early kick to the palate followed by a sweet taste of caramel and vanilla. With just the right amount of spice, its flavor lingers around the throat for … Read more

Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Double Black Label: What’s the Difference?

Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Double Black Label

Johnnie Walker has been known for its premium blended whiskey, an all-time favorite. In fact, the brand released different products named with colors like the Red Label, Blue Label, and Black Label. Among these, the most popular among their Scotch whiskies are the Johnnie Walker Black Label and the Double Black. However, what sets the two … Read more