Vodka vs. Gin Martini: What’s the Difference?

The difference between gin martini and vodka martini has been a topic of debate for years because no one seems to agree. Some people think that these two martinis are the same thing. However, a gin martini is very different from a vodka martini.

While gin has a herbal taste, vodka is generally tasteless. This is because gin is distilled with botanicals such as juniper berries, while vodka is water-based. Therefore, the flavor in the gin martin comes from the botanicals used.

While enjoying your vodka or gin martini, you will easily notice the difference between their flavors and smell. The differences between these two popular cocktails are highlighted in this article.

History of Gin and Vodka

Vodka vs. Gin Martini: History

Gin is a traditional spirit that originated in Holland in the 11th century. A physician prescribed this juniper-based spirit for use in medicine in 1550. Then the British soldiers knew of gin when they were fighting with Spain in Holland.

The soldiers used to drink it to relax their nerves before going to war. Later, they took this newly found drink home, marking the beginning of gin distilling in London. With time, gin became a popular drink, and it gave rise to many gin cocktails that became popular all over the world.

On the other hand, vodka is a modern spirit that originated in Russia and some parts of Europe. The drink became popular in Russia and Poland after World War II since its consumption in the United States had increased rapidly.

In the mid-1800s, a hotel in New York started making vodka cocktails by simply mixing vodka with vermouth. Today, vodka martini is common among revelers looking to take a break from the classical martini styles.


Vodka vs. Gin Martini Taste

One of the major differences between gin and vodka is taste. The taste between the two martinis is different because of their different distillation processes. While gin martini tastes like pine, vodka martini does not have any distinctive taste.


Vodka vs. Gin Martini Ingredients

Gin martini is made by mixing gin and vermouth with botanical ingredients and spices. These ingredients give it a herbal flavor and smell. However, botanical ingredients and spices are not used as ingredients when making vodka martini. As a result, vodka martini is flavorless and odorless.


Vodka vs. Gin Martini Classification

Gin can be classified as a type of vodka which has been flavored. This is because it is initially in vodka form before being redistilled and mixed with botanicals and spices. However, vodka cannot be classified as a type of gin because it is not infused with herbal ingredients during distillation.

Vodka vs. Gin Martini: Quick Comparison


Vodka Martini

Gin Martini


No distinctive taste

Taste like pine


It does not contain botanicals

Contain botanicals


Originated in Russia

Originated in Holland but became very popular in Britain


It cannot be classified as a type of gin 

Classified as a type of vodka

Are Martinis Better With Gin or Vodka?

The debate about who is the winner between gin and vodka will not end anytime soon. No martini is better than the other because everyone has a different taste. What matters is your taste preference. Choose gin or vodka martini because you love it and not because it is better than the other.

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