D’Ussé Cognac Prices List 2024

Dusse Cognac

Quick Summary: Today I will be featuring D’Ussé – the freshest brand to enter the Cognac market. Here’s a glance at what I am about to discuss:D’Ussé is a brand that has been operating for 9 years now.Famous rapper Jay-z endorsed and collaborated to produce this one-of-a-kind cognac.D’Ussé Cognac prices are comparable with the big brands … Read more

Hennessy Prices List 2024


At a Glance:Hennessy is one of the most well-known cognac brands in the market.Prices for a Hennessy bottle can range from $18 up to a whopping $5,500.Part of the reason for Hennessy’s expensive prices is due to the expensive ingredients that make up their cognac. Quick Navigation Introduction of HennessyWhat Type of Alcohol is Hennessy?A … Read more

Martell Cognac Prices List 2024

Martell Cognac

Quick Summary:Martel Cognac has been in the industry for over three centuries.It is one of the top 4 Cognac houses, second only to Hennessy.It enjoys a steady growth and continues to scale the global market. Quick Navigation Introduction to Martell CognacBrief HistoryDeep Dive with MartellMartell Cognac PricesMartell Cognac Prices Compared to Other Brandy BrandsCourvoisierPaul MassonHennessyRemy … Read more

E&J Brandy Prices List 2024

E&J Brandy

Quick Summary:E&J Brandy is a classic American Brandy. It is known as the most awarded and most popular brandy in America because of its smooth quality and timeless flavour.A 750 mL bottle of E&J Brandy costs around $13.99.E&J Brandy can be mixed with various drinks like alcohols, fruit juices, and other cocktails. Quick Navigation Introduction … Read more

Courvoisier Brandy Prices List 2024

Courvoisier Brandy

Quick Summary:Courvoisier is a popular brandy known for distilling a grandeur level of cognac. It is also known for being one of the top producers of Cognac in France.A 750 mL Courvoisier Cognac bottle costs around $20 while a 750 mL Courvoisier VSOP bottle costs $30.Its correct pronunciation depends on whether you are English or … Read more

Paul Masson Brandy Prices List 2024

Paul Masson Brandy

The Big-four cognacs, namely, Remy Martin, Hennessy, Courvoisier, and Martell, currently dominate cognac sales worldwide. It is no wonder why fans of each brand claim their choice as the best among the rest. The price of brandy is heavily influenced by the brand, color, taste, packaging, and distillery, which can be straightforward. This is the … Read more

Rémy Martin Prices List 2024

Rémy Martin Prices

A growing trend among cocktail bars around the world, cognacs contain a mix of aromatic senses of floral, fruity, and even spicy. You don’t have to be rich and famous and deprive yourself of grabbing a bottle of nice cognac. Just like any other brand, Rémy Martin is versatile enough to be paired with during, … Read more