Patron Tequila Prices List 2024

Patron Tequila

Quick Summary: Craftsmanship is what makes Patron Tequila a stand-out and among the most popular in the spirits industry. The manufacturer ensures each detail in the planting, harvesting, production, packaging, and marketing is dealt with meticulously. Bacardi bought Patron in 2018, a merger of two companies resulting in the expansion of the brand’s market and popularity. While Patron is not … Read more

Don Julio Tequila Prices List 2024

Don Julio Tequila

Quick Summary:Since being inaugurated in 1942, Don Julio Tequila has captured the spirit of authentic Mexican tequila, establishing itself as a global best-seller.There are multiple variants of Don Julio, from the base Blanco to the ultra-premium Real.You can drink Don Julio on its own or use it to prepare mixes, including classics such as margarita … Read more

Avión Tequila Prices List 2024

Avión Tequila

Quick Navigation Introduction to Tequila AviónHow It HappenedTequila Avión PricesTequila Avion Prices Compared to Other BrandsCommon Recipes: What Goes Good With Tequila Avión?Tequila Aviόn Orange Cider MargueritaConclusion Introduction to Tequila Avión Other than its ultra smooth and pure flavor, everything else about Tequila Aviόn is a little bit disruptive and risqué. It was conceived during a … Read more

Casamigos Tequila Prices List 2024

Casamigos Tequila

Quick Summary: Casamigos is an ultra-premium tequila available in different varieties. Rande Gerber, George Clooney, and Mike Meldman founded this tequila brand in 2013, and sold it to British multinational beverage giant Diageo. I really like Casamigos Tequila because it offers a delightful combination of sweet agave, citrus, and vanilla. This agave-distilled liquor soothes what ails … Read more

Jose Cuervo Tequila Prices List 2024

Jose Cuervo Tequila

Quick Summary:Jose Cuervo is a famous Mexican tequila that has many different classes and is widely consumed all over the globe.When it comes to its pricing, Jose Cuervo’s price starts at $12.99 at 750ml and $31.99 at 1.75ml. Prices vary, depending on the class and size of the Jose Cuervo product.Jose Cuervo can be mixed … Read more