Patron vs. El Jefe Tequila: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to tequila, you may have already heard about Patron because it is very popular worldwide. However, El Jefe is a competitor that’s worth knowing.

Aside from their difference in popularity, they are also highly different in price, taste, and distillation.

Patron is considered a premium brand, so it is a little more expensive than the El Jefe, which is considered tequila for the working class. Despite that, El Jefe has strong tequila features that allows it to stand as a competitor against Patron.

Also, both these tequila brands follow traditional distillation. But, the difference is that El Jefe adds a hint of lime on their mix, allowing their tequila to have a slightly more citrus flavor.

To know more details on the difference between Patron and El Jefe, continue reading this article.

Patron vs. El Jefe

Patron is a Tequila brand originating from Jalisco, a western Mexican state. It is a prestigious brand widely known for its premium Tequilas such as the Silver, Reposado, and Añejo.

According to Business Insider, the Patron distillery sold over 40 million bottles last 2016. Its flavor, aroma, and smooth finish are what make Patron a top contender when it comes to Tequila.

On the other hand, the El Jefe brand originated from a Taco cantina in Florida, United States. It is a Mexican Restaurant with a Tequila bar operated and owned by the father of Mario and Samantha Gonzalez. The El Jefe restaurant is not just famous for its Tequila or Mexican foods; their Margaritas are a must-try if you ever visit this place.

There are six main categories to their Tequilas: the Silver Tequilas, the Añejo Tequilas, the Reposado Tequilas, the Extra Añejo Tequilas, the Cristalino Tequilas, and the Mezcal Tequilas. Each gives off a different taste and aroma nothing could compare to.

Notable Difference Between The Patron And El Jefe Tequila

Let’s now dig deeper into some of the differences between these two tequila brands.

1. The Production Process

The Patron Tequila starts its production from the plant called Weber Blue Agave. Farmers trim out some parts of this plant, which makes it piña. Over 8,000 of this plant are delivered to the distillery every day, where it will continue its journey into becoming Tequila.

Afterward, it is baked in small brick ovens and distilled to capture the very heart of any Patron Tequila. This ingredient is the essence of the premium Tequilas of Patron. Pretty impressive, right?

Like Patron Tequilas, the Weber Blue Agave is also used as the primary ingredient in producing their Tequilas. Citrus juices, such as the lemon and lime, are also freshly prepared to top off any liquor in the El Jefe Restaurant.

2. Taste

The Patron Tequila gives off a smooth and sweet taste, mainly because of the light citrus’s presence. It also finishes with a light pepper kick, which is expected from Tequila’s prestigious brand. According to Spruce Eats, it is best partnered with fresh fruits to balance its strength as a liquor.

El Jefe, on the other hand, tastes vegetal and sweet with a pepper finish too. You would also notice the smoky and earthy notes once you opened a bottle of any El Jefe Tequila. It also has a long and lingering finish, which is not bad, considering it is unlike any Premium Tequila brand.

So, in conclusion, if you want a strong but sweet Tequila, go for any Patron Tequila. However, if you are new and want to try out sweet and friendly, you can opt for the El Jefe Tequila.

3. Price

Now that we know how Tequilas are made and processed, it is no question that Tequilas are expensive. Tequilas’ prices range from $20 for an entry Tequila to the prestigious and luxurious price of $7,500. Sounds expensive, right? This is why choosing a Tequila brand is challenging.

The price of the prestigious brand Patron products ranges from $20 to $100 for Patron Silver. It comes in different sizes: 375 mL, 750 mL, and 1.75 mL. That is the cheapest range of price for Patron Tequila. Their most expensive bottle is the Patron en Lalique: Series 2, which costs up to a whopping $7,500.

For the brand El Jefe, the price of Tequila ranges from $30 to $100. This price range is pretty great, considering that it delivers an expensive taste for such a low price. Amazing!

The Final Verdict

Have you chosen between Patron and El Jefe yet? If not, let us help you summarize the facts:

  • Patron is a premium Tequila brand and is a great choice for those who don’t mind spending a lot to taste luxury.
  • El Jefe is a cheaper brand that delivers the same kick and taste as Patron.
  • Both brands use the same main ingredient—Weber Blue Agave.
  • Patron is commonly known as an expensive brand for premium Tequilas such as Patron en Lalique: Series 2, which is priced at $7,500.
  • El Jefe presents a wide array of choices for Tequilas at prices not higher than $100.

In conclusion, if you want to invest in Tequilas, it is better to start from an entry brand such as El Jefe and slowly start trying out more expensive liquor as time progresses. Finding the perfect Tequila requires patience and intelligence.

You cannot just buy the first bottle you see. You have to spend smart and wise to find your lifelong companion to celebrations. Cheers! Rather, should I say, Salud!

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