Moonshine vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Many people are confused about Moonshine and Vodka because they are both highly proofed, clear spirits made from grains or scratches. However, these two drinks have significant differences.

The first difference is in the legality of these two spirits. Vodkas are legal in most countries, but that is not the case for Moonshine because it is literally the term used to describe highly-proof distilled spirits that are not acknowledged by states. However, some cities now consider Moonshine to be legal, but these are mostly unaged whisky.

Another difference between these two is in the ingredients. Most Moonshines are made from different types of grains. However, although some Vodka is also made from grains, some are mostly made from fermenting molasses and fruits.

If you are interested in knowing more about the difference between Moonshine and Vodka, you are on the right page. Continue reading below for more valuable information.

Moonshine vs. Vodka

Moonshine is referred to clear unaged whiskey in the US, but it is also a term used to describe illicitly produced spirits worldwide. Meanwhile, Vodka is a spirit originally from Russian, and it gained its popularity right after World War II.

At first glance, both are clear spirits, but they have very different tastes and smells. Moonshine has a rubbing alcohol-like taste and smell, while plain Vodka is almost tasteless and odorless.

It is difficult to compare these two in terms of prices because there are only a few commercially sold Moonshines. However, the price range for a regular bottle of Vodka is around $13 and above.

Can Vodka Be Mixed With Moonshine?

Technically speaking, yes, you can mix Vodka with Moonshine. There is no major difference in their physical attribute and taste. However, you have to note that you will be combining two highly proofed spirits that will make your cocktail very potent.

Is Vodka Better Than Moonshine?

Vodka is better than Moonshine in terms of Safety. This is because most Moonshine is made without government authorization, so there is a chance that they are poorly produced. When that happens, the beverage might be contaminated and cause you to feel sick.

Moreover, studies have shown a link between increased risks for renal disease and Moonshine. Adulterated Moonshine may also cause methanol poisoning.

Distilling Vodka To Make Moonshine

You can make Moonshine by distilling Vodka at home. However, take note that this might be illegal in where you live.

Hypothetically speaking, if you intend to distill Vodka at home, the first step is to decide what your vodka mash will be. You can choose from molasses, potato, corn, wheat, or Rye. Once that’s settled, the next step is to ferment and distill the mash. For the last part, you will need to collect your vodka distillate.

The Final Verdict

Moonshine and Vodka are excellent spirits in their own right. However, you are more likely to find more Vodka options that are legal and safer than Moonshine.

Do you also share the same sentiment that Vodka is better than Moonshine? Let us know in the comments section.

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