Jack Daniel’s vs. Crown Royal Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

Jack Daniels vs. Crown Royal: What’s the Difference

Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal are well-known whiskey brands. It’s easy to think that they are the same, but they are quite different from each other. These are both made with the same ingredients. However, they differ in terms of proportions. Jack Daniel’s uses more corn while Crown royal contains more rye in it. They also slightly … Read more

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Casamigos vs. Don Julio: What’s the Difference?

Casamigos vs. Don Julio

Casamigos and Don Julio are two of the most popular tequila brands you’ll find these days, each one with its distinct identity. While they differ in several aspects, the primary difference between these two types of tequila lies in their flavor. The Casamigos tequilas tend to have a smoother yet still highly flavorful taste, making them … Read more

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Vodka Tonic vs. Vodka Soda: What’s the Difference?

Vodka Tonic vs. Vodka Soda: What’s the Difference?

Vodka tonic is a drink that consists primarily of tonic water and vodka. Most often, it is garnished with lemon or lime. Tonic is water that has quinine, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and corn syrup. On the other hand, Vodka soda is a drink that mainly consists of ⅓ vodka and ⅔ club soda. It … Read more

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What Does Jagermeister Taste Like?

what does jagermeister taste like?

The taste of Jagermeister is closely associated with black licorice or anise. Many people also describe it to have a medicine-like flavor, given that it is made with a blend of herbs and it has a thick, syrupy consistency. If you are interested in learning more about what Jagermeister tastes like, then you have come to … Read more

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Vodka vs. Gin Martini: What’s the Difference?

Vodka vs. Gin Martini

The difference between gin martini and vodka martini has been a topic of debate for years because no one seems to agree. Some people think that these two martinis are the same thing. However, a gin martini is very different from a vodka martini. While gin has a herbal taste, vodka is generally tasteless. This is … Read more

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How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk?

How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk

Vodka is considered a hard liquor by many people worldwide because it has a slightly higher alcohol percentage than others. This means that you are more likely to feel drunk with fewer shots of it. On average, a single adult can start feeling tipsy after consuming 4 to 6 shots of vodka in a span … Read more

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Sailor Jerry vs. Captain Morgan: What’s the Difference?

Sailor Jerry vs. Captain Morgan

Between Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan, which is the better-spiced rum, and what sets them apart from the other? For starters, the Captain Morgan Spiced rum has an early kick to the palate followed by a sweet taste of caramel and vanilla. With just the right amount of spice, its flavor lingers around the throat for … Read more

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Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Double Black Label: What’s the Difference?

Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Double Black Label

Johnnie Walker has been known for its premium blended whiskey, an all-time favorite. In fact, the brand released different products named with colors like the Red Label, Blue Label, and Black Label. Among these, the most popular among their Scotch whiskies are the Johnnie Walker Black Label and the Double Black. However, what sets the two … Read more

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Glenfiddich vs. Glenlivet Whisky: What’s the Difference?

Glenfiddich vs. Glenlivet

As a variant of whisky, Scotch whisky, or simply known as “scotch,” also has numerous types, such as single-grain and blended-malt scotch. However, in Scotland’s Speyside region, single-malt Scotch whiskies are what’s most dominant. In fact, two of the world’s best-selling Scotch whiskies from Speyside are both single-malts – Glenlivet and Glenfiddich. While the two brands … Read more

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Macallan vs. Glenlivet: What’s the Difference?

Macallan vs. Glenlivet

When it comes to Scotch whisky, Speyside is undoubtedly the region to go to. It’s home to some of the world’s most established distilleries, including those of the two famous Scotch whisky brands – Glenlivet and Macallan. Although both are well-known Scotch brands, they’re hardly the same. For one, the difference in taste between the two … Read more

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Casamigos vs. Patron Tequila: What’s the Difference?

Casamigos vs. Patron

Patron is one of the most established brands of tequila worldwide. Meanwhile, Casamigos, which Geoge Clooney co-founds, is a relatively new player in the industry. Casamigos and Patron are both made from the Blue Agave plant. But the main difference is that Patron is produced in Jalisco, Mexico while Casamigos is made in Oaxaca, Mexico. In … Read more

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Smirnoff vs. Svedka Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Smirnoff vs. Svedka

Vodka is a widely sought-after spirit worldwide due to its versatility and wide availability. Because it lacks color, taste, and odor, it’s often the go-to base for many cocktails, such as martinis, screwdrivers, and cosmopolitans. Nowadays, numerous vodka brands are available, but two of the most popular are Smirnoff and Svedka. However, although they are both … Read more

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D’ussé vs. Hennessy: What’s the Difference?

d'usse vs hennessy

Both D’ussé and Hennessy are Cognacs. However, D’ussé comes from Château de Cognac while Hennessy comes from the house of the famous Hennessy brand. D’ussé is a new brand, started in 2012 which is the contrary to Henessy that has a rich historical past. In addition, D’ussé comes in two variations: VSOP and XO. But, Hennessy … Read more

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Rémy Martin vs. Hennessy: What’s the Difference?

Rémy Martin vs. Hennessy

Rémy Martin and Hennessy are both Cognac brands. However, they have a lot of differences in history, taste, and production. However, the real difference between these two brands is in the ingredients used. Rémy Martin is a Cognac Fine Champagne. This means that they use grapes from a better region of Cognac. But, Hennessy has a … Read more

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Courvoisier vs. Hennessy: What’s the Difference?

Courvoisier vs. Hennessy

Courvoisier and Hennessy are among the top Cognac brands in the world. However, although they are the same type of liquor, they have a lot of factors that distinguish them from each other. One of the most significant factors that differentiate the two brands is their aging process. Courvoisier is aged using handmade oak barrels that … Read more

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Cognac vs. Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

Cognac vs. Whiskey

Understanding the difference between Cognac and Whiskey can be confusing. Both look almost the same, and the distillation process is also quite similar. However, those are the only things where they may overlap. Cognac of them is made by double-distilling wine, while the Whiskey only goes through the process once. They also widely differ in how … Read more

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Brandy vs. Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

Brandy vs. Whiskey

Brandy and whiskey look similar, especially for non-drinkers. However, they are totally different from each other. Although both are distilled, there’s a stark contrast beginning from the ingredients used and how it is consumed. One this major difference is that Brandy is made with fermented fruits, while the Whiskey is made with fermented grain. Another difference worth … Read more

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Whiskey vs. Whisky: What’s the Difference?

Whiskey vs. Whisky

There is no doubt that there are a lot of people confused with the terms Whiskey and Whisky. Some wonder whether they are different products or the same ones but spelled differently. Basically, the term “Whisky” originated from Scotland. Meanwhile, the term “Whiskey” is from Ireland because their dialect typically adds “ey” to the end of … Read more

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Everclear vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Everclear vs. Vodka

Even though Everclear and vodka are both produced from fermented grain spirits that are distilled, they are different. Vodka consists mainly of water and ethanol, while Everclear, in most cases, is almost pure ethanol. Vodka is normally 37.5% to 40% alcohol by volume (ABV) (75 to 80 US proof, respectively). On the other hand, Everclear is … Read more

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Effen Vodka vs. Ciroc: What’s the Difference?

Effen Vodka vs. Ciroc

Vodka is a distilled liquor that can be made from a wide variety of ingredients. As long as the ingredient contains starchy sugars, it can be converted into vodka. It is normally made of potatoes or grains like wheat, rye, or corn. It can even be made from grapes. Today we compare two vodkas: Effen and … Read more

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Potato Vodka vs. Grain Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Potato Vodka vs. Grain Vodka

Vodka is a very popular spirit worldwide. The main ingredient of it is either from potato or grain hence why there’s potato vodka and grain vodka. Although both variants are types of Vodka, they have several differences, especially in their taste. Grain vodkas are excellent choices for cocktail drinks because it does not contain a distinctive … Read more

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Beer vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Beer vs Vodka

Both beer and vodka are alcohol beverages. However, they are as different as chalk and cheese. One is fermented while the other is distilled. One has little alcohol by volume (ABV) content, while the other has a high ABV. Though both beer and vodka are popular worldwide, there are still plenty of differences between them. This … Read more

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Soju vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Soju vs. Vodka

Soju and vodka are like two cousins from different countries – they’re from the same family but with a twist. Both drinks are distilled liquors that can be drank in shots, mix well with other drinks, and can even be used for food.   Soju is a clear Korean spirit originally made from fermented rice. When … Read more

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Rubbing Alcohol vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Rubbing Alcohol vs. Vodka

The majority of people around the globe use rubbing alcohol as primary disinfectant. However, has it ever crossed your mind to use vodka instead? Before we dig deeper on that question, let’s answer: What is the main difference between rubbing alcohol and vodka? Generally, rubbing alcohol is made up of 70% isopropanol in water, while vodka … Read more

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What’s the Difference Between Johnnie Walker Labels?

Difference Between Johnnie Walker Labels

What do the difference Johnnie Walker Labels tell us about the quality of these products? To answer this question straight: Johnnie Walker is a blended scotch whiskey, which means any of its variants is a blend of multiple whiskeys. That said, any assertion given as to the quality of different labels is, to say the least, … Read more

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What Does Gin Taste Like?

What Does Gin Taste Like

Gin can be your favorite summer drink, cocktail base, or your socializer drink. It’s juniper-based and has a piney and biting tang. The taste is like tonic, which is why these two beverages go together well. Read the label on the aromatics included when buying. The many ways aromatics are combined result to a diverse selection … Read more

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Moonshine vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference?

Moonshine vs Vodka

Many people are confused about Moonshine and Vodka because they are both highly proofed, clear spirits made from grains or scratches. However, these two drinks have significant differences. The first difference is in the legality of these two spirits. Vodkas are legal in most countries, but that is not the case for Moonshine because it is … Read more

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Best Bottled Water to Drink for Health

best bottled water to drink for health

The best bottled water to drink for health is clean and safe, and also tastes great and comes with a healthy ph level. Safe means that the water has been cleared of stuff like bacteria and microorganisms. Filtering may also remove metallic content (chlorine, fluorine, etc) if that is preferred by the consumer. We scoured the market to … Read more

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Why Does Aquafina Water Not Freeze?

Why Does Aquafina Water Not Freeze

There are people who have been misled by claims that Aquafina Water does not freeze. The claims have been circulating around the internet for quite a while now. Let’s get it straight. The question Why Doesn’t Aquafina Water Freeze is nothing but just a silly question. In school, we have learned that all water in this planet will freeze … Read more

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Does Vodka Go Bad?

Does Vodka Go Bad

You might wonder, does vodka go bad? Fortunately, vodka is a hard liquor that underwent a distilling process. It does not spoil unless it is improperly stored. Like other hard liquors, vodka has a long shelf life. You can leave them in your kitchen cabinet for a couple of years and they would still be fine. In this … Read more

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How Long Does Bottled Water Last?

how long does bottled water last

If you are wondering how long bottled water lasts, then you’re not alone. To put it bluntly, it is not actually the water that expires, but the plastic bottle container. Bottled water usually lasts for about 1-2 years. Bottled water stored in a cool, dry, and secure environment typically lasts longer than its expiration date. Another tip … Read more

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Does Whiskey Go Bad?

does whiskey go bad

People might wonder, does whiskey go bad? Well, you’re not alone. Whiskey does not go bad until you open them. And even then, it takes a long while for them to spoil. Depending on how you store opened whiskey, they can last you a few years to a couple of months. In this article, you will be … Read more

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What Does Vodka Taste Like? (8 Popular Flavors You Should Know)

What Does Vodka Taste Like

How does vodka taste? Foremost of all, it depends on how the distiller thinks good vodka should taste. Since there are several vodka distillers around the world producing their own versions, expect to find quite a number of variations. Some taste buttery, some taste clean and crisp, some starchy, and others have notes of vanilla. Given our … Read more

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What Does Whiskey/Whisky Taste Like? (9 Popular Flavors You Should Know)

What Does Whiskey Taste Like

Whiskey can be the most amazing of all spirits because of the seemingly limitless variety of tastes, textures and aromas that different variants impart. To answer the question: Hypothetically, there is a variant out there that will taste exactly the way you want whiskey to taste. Fortunately, we have here a little discussion with which you can … Read more

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Rye Whiskey vs. Bourbon: What’s the Difference?

Rye vs Bourbon

Even if you are not a whiskey connoisseur, you can easily tell the defining difference between Bourbon and Rye once you have tasted them. Rye has a spicy tinge and a dry texture, while Bourbon has a sweeter and full-bodied flavor. Rye whiskey has a specific taste because it is basically rye grain. In contrast, … Read more

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Irish Whiskey vs. Scotch: What’s the Difference?

Irish Whiskey vs Scotch

For the casual drinker, there’s not much difference when it comes to whisky. However, similar to wine, there are several variations of whisky out there. It’s whiskey for the Irish – take note of the e, while for the Scottish, it’s scotch. However, aside from the spelling, there are more differences between Irish whiskey and Scotch. For … Read more

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How Long Does Red Bull Last?

How Long Does Red Bull Last?

Known for its slogan “gives you wings”, drinking Red Bull has the capability to give you a sudden rush of energy. This vitality lasts between one hour to four hours depending on your body. The suggested serving amount is 8.4 oz which costs about $2.99. Considering the price, it’s up to you to decide if it deserves a … Read more

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Patron vs. El Jefe Tequila: What’s the Difference?

Patron vs El Jefe

When it comes to tequila, you may have already heard about Patron because it is very popular worldwide. However, El Jefe is a competitor that’s worth knowing. Aside from their difference in popularity, they are also highly different in price, taste, and distillation. Patron is considered a premium brand, so it is a little more expensive than … Read more

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Don Julio vs. Patron Tequila: What’s the Difference?

don julio vs patron

Don Julio and Patron are among the best premium tequila brands worldwide. However, despite being both tequila drinks from Mexico, they significantly differ in a lot of aspects. One of the biggest differences between the two brands is in their production process. Although both brands use Agave as its main ingredient, Don Julio cuts its pinas … Read more

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Rum vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference Between Rum And Vodka?

Rum vs. Vodka

Among all of the available hard liquor options in the market, two of the most popular and most versatile options are rum and vodka. Each one is used as the base for more complex and delicious alcoholic beverages like cosmopolitans, daiquiris, among others. However, they also have differences that make each one distinct in their own … Read more

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Gin vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference Difference Between Gin And Vodka?

Gin vs. Vodka

Gin and Vodka are among the top-selling alcoholic beverages in the world. At first glance, many think that these two are exactly the same. However, they are not. They mainly differ in their distillation process. Gin is distilled using grain or malt, which is then combined with juniper berry flavors. At the same time, Vodka derives … Read more

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Tequila vs. Vodka: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Tequila vs. Vodka

Tequila and Vodka, two of the most popular spirits around the globe. Most adults have seen or heard of these two, even though they may have not tried it. In this article, we’ll discuss the various differences the two have and see which one is the right spirit for you. The only major similarity tequila and … Read more

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Kirkland Vodka vs. Grey Goose: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Kirkland Vodka vs. Grey Goose

Rumors have long been arising that Grey Goose and Kirkland Vodka are just made of the same ingredients and would only differ in its price. The unending comparison between the two drinks involves the belief that the water source for both products originated from the springs of Gensac which is situated in the Region of Cognac in … Read more

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Belvedere Vodka vs. Grey Goose: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Belvedere Vodka vs. Grey Goose

Belvedere and Grey Goose are among the most popular vodka brands in the world. Belvedere carries a super premium Polska Wodka label, which uses specific Polish water and grains in its production. Meanwhile, Grey Goose uses spring water mixed with wheat that has a softer texture than ordinary wheat. Content Navigation BrandingRaw Material and Production … Read more

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Chopin Vodka vs. Grey Goose Vodka: What’s The Difference Between Them?

Chopin Vodka vs. Grey Goose

Ever wondered about the difference between these two vodka brands? Here’s a straight up answer for you: Chopin Vodka is a full-bodied single-ingredient vodka while Grey Goose Vodka is composed of two ingredients and comes in a variety of fun flavors. Whoever said that each and every vodka tastes the same is clearly missing out on … Read more

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Skyy Vodka vs. Smirnoff: What’s the Difference?

Skyy Vodka vs Smirnoff

Are you a vodka enthusiast? If you are then, you might have heard and tried Skyy Vodka and Smirnoff already. These two are currently the most popular brands of vodka spirits in the market. However, many people ask what the better brand between these two is and their major differences. If you are also wondering about … Read more

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Cointreau vs. Grand Marnier: What’s the Difference?

Cointreau vs. Grand Marnier: What’s the Difference?

A good bar should never find itself lacking in orange liqueur. Orange liqueurs are an often ignored but essential ingredient of iconic drinks such as Long Island Ice Teas and Margaritas. Their fruity tang, sweet undertones, and complex flavor give any cocktail a fruity boost. The two most popular brands of orange liqueur are Cointreau … Read more

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Vodka vs. Whiskey: What Are the Real Differences Between Them?

Vodka vs. Whiskey

Have you ever stood before a liquor stand, a bartender, or a friend – debating with yourself, what to drink – vodka or whiskey? Although belonging to the same family of alcoholic beverages, vodka and whiskey are oftentimes pitted against each other, tagged as opposites, and labeled long-time arch-enemies. In this article, with some facts and information, … Read more

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